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Let's Hear it for the Boy!

Science & I made a baby and he is awesome.

World, meet Wyatt. Wyatt, meet World.


Now that everyone has been properly introduced, a little more about how Wyatt came to be and who is he now that he is here.


Wyatt was conceived when my one old, yet still fresh egg was combined with the essence of an anonymous sperm donor.


It took over $38,000 dollars, a lot of tears, and bunch of travel to a fertility clinic in New York to get him, but he is totally worth. Wyatt is three years old and a dazzler. 


Ladies love him, and I think some grown men want to be him. In his five years he has won “Most Photogenic Voters Choice” in a beauty contest/fundraiser, has mastered dancing in his chair, as well back seat driving.   He’s a Mama’s Boy, and that’s still okay because he’s four years old.   

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